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is easy when it’s automated.

Whether you’re creating your first portfolio or looking for sophisticated strategies to help maximize returns and minimize taxes, our automated investing can do more with your money.
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Smarter investing, brilliantly personalized.

Just answer a few questions, and we’ll give you a personalized portfolio of wonderfully diversified, low-cost index funds designed to weather the market and grow your wealth.

Build a portfolio you believe in

We offer portfolios curated for interests like Social Responsibility, along with hundreds of funds in categories like clean energy, tech, and crypto to let you customize your portfolio exactly how you want. And we make it easy — and safe — to experiment by letting you know if your choices aren’t in line with your preferred risk level.
Browse investmentsUS stocksInvest in companies based in the United States.Foreign & emerging marketsInvest in stocks and bonds in developed and emerging markets outside of the United States.Socially responsibleInvest in companies with sustainable, socially responsible practices.SectorsInvest in specific industries, like technology or healthcare.CryptocurrencyInvest in funds that provide exposure to cryptocurrency, digital assets exchanged in a decentralized network.BondsInvest in fixed-income investments, like municipal bonds and treasury bills.StrategiesInvest using specific strategies, like value investing and dividend investing.
Tax Loss Harvesting benefits will vary. Wealthfront doesn’t provide tax advice.
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We saved you $78.11 on your taxes.
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We automatically invested your $500 deposit.

Automation that feels like automagic.

There’s no need to ever make a manual trade. We rebalance your portfolio, automatically diversify deposits, and can help save you taxes, all without you ever lifting a finger.

Investing so wonderful,
it finds something good in taxes.

Not only do we charge no account and no trading fees, our Tax-Loss Harvesting can reduce the taxes you pay. In fact, the savings for most clients in recommended portfolios cover our 0.25% advisory fee more than 4.7 times.
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clients whose fees have been paid for with saved taxes

Investing that accounts for your needs

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Invest for retirement.

Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, 401(k) Rollover

Invest for education.

529 College Savings

Invest for everything else.

Individual Accounts, Joint Accounts, Trust Accounts

Invest faster with the Wealthfront Cash Account.

Pay bills, set aside money for big purchases, or get in the market in minutes. Our technology lets you automate your paycheck and organize cash effortlessly.

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You can count on us

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includes $250,000 cash limit

We’re here if you need us

Our certified CPAs, CFAs, CFPs are standing by.

You can do everything you need right in our app. But sometimes, it’s just easier to talk to a person. That’s why we have an army of certified CPAs, CFAs, and CFPs standing by to answer your questions.
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Invest a little time in the details

Still deciding if we’re right for you?
These frequently asked questions may help:

This sounds complicated. I bet this is complicated, right?

What we do is complicated. What you do is really really not. Just answer a few questions, and we’ll build an investment portfolio with your name on it. Then, as soon as your money arrives, we invest it just like we said we would. Bada bing, etc.

What if I don’t like your picks? Can I choose my own investments?

Yup. You can customize your Wealthfront portfolio six ways to Sunday, both when you’re first opening a new account or at any point afterwards.

What if I want to pull my money out?

Well, it’s your money, so you can withdraw it at any time.

I bet this is really expensive.

That’s not a question, but actually no. The weighted average annual expense ratio of the investments of a taxable Wealthfront portfolio is between 0.05–0.29%. Wealthfront also charges a 0.25% annual advisory fee, but for more than 96% of our clients with a recommended portfolio, that’s covered by Tax-Loss Harvesting.

Tax-loss What now?

Tax-Loss Harvesting. It’s a way to take advantage of changes in the market to help reduce your tax bill and give you more money to invest. For most clients using a recommended portfolio, it generates savings worth at least 3 times our advisory fee, which means your tax savings more than pay for our fee.Learn more

I love everything about this. How do I give you my money?

We make it easy! Electronic bank deposit, wire transfer or account transfer from your brokerage to Wealthfront.Learn more

But I’ve already got investments somewhere else.

Again, that’s not a question. But you don’t always need to sell your investments to move them. We make the transfer process free, simple, and tax-efficient.Learn more

How is this different than investing in the S&P 500?

Investing in the S&P means only investing in US equities. Fortunately for us, the world is bigger than that. We use 10 global asset classes to diversify your investment and better weather anything the market throws at you.Learn more
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The effectiveness of the Tax-Loss Harvesting strategy to reduce the tax liability of the client will depend on the client’s entire tax and investment profile, including purchases and dispositions in a client’s (or client’s spouse’s) accounts outside of Wealthfront Advisers and type of investments (e.g., taxable or nontaxable) or holding period (e.g., short- term or long-term).Tax loss harvesting may generate a higher number of trades due to attempts to capture losses. There is a chance that trading attributed to tax loss harvesting may create capital gains and wash sales and could be subject to higher transaction costs and market impacts. In addition, tax loss harvesting strategies may produce losses, which may not be offset by sufficient gains in the account and may be limited to a $3,000 deduction against income. The utilization of losses harvested through the strategy will depend upon the recognition of capital gains in the same or a future tax period, and in addition may be subject to limitations under applicable tax laws, e.g., if there are insufficient realized gains in the tax period, the use of harvested losses may be limited to a $3,000 deduction against income and distributions. Losses harvested through the strategy that are not utilized in the tax period when recognized (e.g., because of insufficient capital gains and/or significant capital loss carryforwards), generally may be carried forward to offset future capital gains, if any.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of money you invest, and past performance does not guarantee future performance. Historical returns, expected returns, and probability projections are provided for informational and illustrative purposes, and may not reflect actual future performance. Please see our Full Disclosure for important details.

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